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Cam and Trigger Setup - Link G2 Plus

David Green

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Help !!! I am running a Porsche 944 Turbo, which previously was running with twin Relector triggers - However, since change the clutch a for a lightweight item the car will no longer start - So on advice I have fitted a Cam trigger and also obtained a Hal/Opto board. My understanding at the time was that I only needed to run that one trigger - however that appear not to be the case. The problem I have is that even if I get the Cam trigger set up correctly the other trigger is a Reluctor and and don;t know whether this will work with the new sub-board - can anyone advise please ???

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If you want to run a reluctor and hall sensor you will need a special sub board.  If your engine runs wasted spark ignition then you could just run with a crank sensor only but would only be able to do group fire injection.  We would need to more information about the number of teeth on the cam and crank and the types of sensors to get this sorted.  You should probably get on the phone to get this solved quickly...

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