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Base map for Subaru EZ30R

Peter Driussi

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Hi all

I am a new Link ECU G4 Xtreme user and modifying a Subaru EZ30R engine for use in an aircraft I am building. AVCS AND VVT with eThrottle.

I am wondering if anyone can share some information on the EZ30R mapping etc to get me started? I have not as yet wired in the ECU to the engine but wanting to know in advance what I am going to be up against when the time comes. That would include wiring of the ECU etc if possible. Where can I find info on the engine and wiring requirements?

Also can anyone running this ECU with an amp meter check the current draw by the ECU and also the eThrottle module?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

I have attached an image of the aircraft I am building, though not mine exactly as mine is still under construction.



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