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Possum Link Issues

Mark Simpson

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Ive been running a Possumlink since 1999 on my 98 WRX.  Recently a couple of issues have surfaced.  Firstly the tacho tends to bounce around, particularly under accelleration.  It is not unusually to see it go off scale, yet the revs, although building,  are most likely about 4k rpm.  Secondly, and this is cause me to rarely drive the car is that the entire motor can just cut out whilst running.  Sometimes momentarily and sometimes permanent causing me to pull up on the side of the road.

I have undertaken some diagnostics and it appears to be associated with the wires leading to the ECU.  I have found that by manipulating the wires until I hear a relay click behind the drivers dashboard, then the car will restart.

I have removed the ECU and carefully inspected the board looking for dry solder joints, but the board is well made.  I have pulled/wiggled (but not removed) each pin on the plugs but they are all firm and in good condition. The earth wire looks OK though not very flexible

So thats the dilemma.  What wire/system is responsible -any thoughts?


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Repling to my own post... how sad there was no comment from Link.

Just thought I should fill you in on the fix.  I removed all the tape holding the cable bundles leading to the computer.  Cleaned each wire, replace the insulation where it looked poor then rebound the bundles nice and tight.  Reinstalled and no engine cutouts for over four days, and about 6 hours driving, so it looks like the problem was an intermittent short as originally suspected.

Second part the tacho still bounces around.  I intend to connect the link tuning module and inspect the engine rpm readout.  If the rmp readout is smooth, then I suspect that the that the problem is with the dash tacho, otherwise there is a problem with the board.  Is this a correct assumption and diagnostic approach?

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