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A few link questions..

Peter York

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Hi all, I recently purchased a Volvo 242GT Ti track car which has a link engine management installed. I just have a few quick questions which the manual can't help me with. 1. if the unit loses power eg disconnect the battery, will I lose all the engine data and if so can I some how download the current settings. 2. Is there a prefered jump start method (from another battery)that will not damage the unit. 3. The engine 'cut out' last week and would not re-fire, i left the car and it started first go later that day, i presume it is a electrical gremlin (or something else??) and i intended to rewire it (found some very dodgy connections), just wanted to know that if i disconnect the battery to rewire i would not erase the computer and have to start tuning all over again. Any help would be appreciated Pete

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1 - No all settings will be permanently stored forever in the ECU's non-volatile memory.  Disconnect the battery for as long as you like.

2 - Just jump start as normal.  Do not 24 Volt jump start it however.

3 - As I said for the first question...  Re-wiring from scratch with a new loom is the only good way to truly weed out those intermittent electrical fault gremlins!!!

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