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Uninstalling USB driver under Win XP

mark Chapman1436215423

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Dont manually delete any files...  Do the following:

  1. Unplug the ECU from USB.
  2. Re-install PCLink to make sure the drivers are properly installed (if you have deleted anything or tried uninstalling anything.
  3. Plug the ECU into USB.
  4. Ignore any prompts that appear.
  5. Open the device manager (right click my computer->properties->hardware->device manager).
  6. Open any devices in the list that have a yellow explanation mark and right click 'update driver'.
  7. Follow the prompts.  Select no to "alllow connect to internet", select "install driver automatically", then click next, next, finish etc...
  8. You may have to do steps 6 and 7 twice for two different devices.
  9. When it is all good, you will have an entry in the device manager under "Ports (COM & LPT)" called "Link ECU USB (COM x)".  x is the com port assigned to the ECU.
  10. Open PCLink.  Under options->connection, select auto for com port.  Close the options window.
  11. Turn the key on to power the ECU.
  12. Click the 'L' icon to connect to the ECU

Sorry if those instructions are a bit rough I wrote them out of my head...

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many thanks. Stupid question - I have the link on a built 3sgte, and I haven't as yet connected up one side of the idle control valve. She isn't idling at all, but seemed to be idling the first time I started it. I take it the car wont idle properly without the ICV connected? (I ask as MS ECU's seem to idle ok) Haven't connected it yet as I'm making up the intercooler pipes.

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If your engine is fitted with a three wire ISC valve, then you should definitely wire both windings to the ECU (Aux 1 and Aux2).  You should be able to get full closed loop idle control working that will control engine idle better than any other aftermarket ECU I have seen...

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