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The X/Y plots, histograms, statistic logging display features are fantastic. However useless if you can't manipulate the data by removing warmup and cooldown. Triggering the log features the instant the green flag drops and the checkers are unfurled isn't an option automatically when warmup reaches race pace. Manual triggering also isn't an option (I'm not that regimented). As such it would be very useful to be able to trim a log to the duration of a race. The ability to trim a log would also give you the ability to concentrate statistics on one lap only or any period where statistics, histograms, X/Y Plots, etc were necessary.

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Use the "Markers and Sections" editor to make a section for each lap.  So, you would create sections for a warmup lap, lap1, lap2, lap 3..., warm down lap.  Then you can just click each lap to have it show just the information for that lap.  Even overlay the laps to compare data from two laps.  all of this without any effect of the warmup and warm down laps.

If you are not circuit racing, just create sections for warmup, race and warmdown.  Then selecting the race section will exclude the warmup/warmdown information from the XY plot.

To add sections, set the cursor to the start of your first lap or race, in the Log File Manager, click the middle icon to open the markers and section editor.  Click new section, give it a name "eg Lap 1".  Close the sections and markers editor, move the cursor to the end of your race and then add another section called "Warm down".

In the future we will add the ability to use a transponder to automatically insert these sections for you.

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