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trigger set up mitsubishi

mike davies

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hello have mitsubishi galant 1993 6a12 motor, 2l v6. just wanting advise on trigger set up, has crank and cam sensors, 3wire so have choosen optical/hall. there are 3 teeth on crank pick up. cam sensor has 4 pick up points. have tryed setting to multi-tooth setting but timing is happening at tdc no 1 but again at about 90-120degs again when using timing light. i should add firing order is factory 1,2,3,4,5,6. should i be using 1 tooth per tdc trigger set up and i have also tryed mitsubishi gto setting but didnt get to check ign timing. it is running factory ign module and 3 coils with wasted spark.

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Firstly what ECU are you using?  G2 or G3.  If it is G2 I will need to know what sub-board is fitted inside the ECU.  My trigger information for a GTO shows three teeth on the crank and four on the cam.  You should probably be working with GTO triggering assuming your engine has the same trigger arrangement as a GTO.  You will not be able to use 1 PPTDC as your engine is not distributed.  You will need to do some diagnostic work to make sure you have the cam sensor wired to trigger 2 and crank wired to trigger 1.  Have you connected the power supply and grounds for the sensors.  Check in PCLink that a YES is shown for each trigger signal and that no trigger errors are counting up (1 or two on the first engine revolution is OK).  Remember to do a timing calibration.

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