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Car not starting after washed

John Smith1436215422

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Hi, Sorry for not doing much investigation... there is no time... A mate of mine has a problem with his car not running after he hosed the engine down... it did run fine initially, and he was able to drive it without problems to his lockup, but then he stalled it reversing into the garage, and it wouldn't start at all. We found there was a lot of water around the spark plugs, (this is a twin cam 1.6 turbo corolla), which we soaked up as much as possible, as well as drying out as many of the other plugs around the place, as much as possible. I think he has a link g1 (or a g2 if one exists)... it's not a g3, I know that much, and it's a wire in job. There is no spark at all... I saw another post mentioning crank angle sensor, so I'll look at that. In the engine bay, there's a unit with two green lights on it, I'm not sure what it is, it get's pretty hot... initially when we trying to start the engine, both lights were on permanently, but after checking the fuses in the engine bay, which were all fine, both lights went out, and only flash on, when turning the kill switch off, then on again... He has scrutineering for his first ever event today, he bought the car as a complete rally car, and so knows really nothing about it. He has no link to PC connector or software etc, and we don't know how to get diagnostics out of the thing. Thanks for any help.

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