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Re: Miss at high rpm

Craig Orr

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My sr20det with linkplus v14 is missing at high rpm. I went to diagnostics to see what its doing, the sync/cyl error rises to 100 then back arround again, and the max rpm is saying 20830. could this be caused by a slightly crushed sheilded cable from the distributor, or too big a spark plug gap. It was running fine up top until I perfomed a reload, maybe I have missed something obvious.

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It is either a trigger problem  or you have the configuration wrong for your type of triggering

 have you tried a new cas sensor?

have you checked that the configuration is the same after the reload is the sync/cyl ratio  correct ?

have you adjusted the sub board switches correctly ?

Why did you need to do a reload?



David Heerdegen

[email protected]


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Thanks, I will check over all that. I did a reload as a last resort to try and stop a bad bucking on deceleration, it turned out that it was the throttle cable outer was tight and when the engine rocked, so did the butterfly. I have since wired up the injectors to the correct order for sequential delivery, I may have disturbed a trigger wire or something. I altered the sub board before the reload to the correct static timing, it was at 35 degrees now at 15. I am also thinking, is it worth finding a program from a gtir that has been tuned properly and loading it to my computer, obviously the fuel/afr would have to be checked, but all the boost and ignition maps should all work???

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Does anyone have a solution to this? My 20v 4AGE with LEM V5 is doing the same thing. The fuel cut/max rpm limit is coming on randomly (usually around 3-5000rpm) and the diagnostics say it has around 200 sync errors and max rpm of 25313rpm. While revving at idle everything is fine. Going up hills seemed to make it happen more often (I assume because of more load). It was running fine, then I changed to a more fuel economic map and then changed back to my original tune and then it started happening.

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