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incorrect temp reading

stewart battersby

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Congratulations, you are the first person to try use PTC sensors with a G2/G3.  Unfortunately the numbers in the custom temp sensor table must increase with temperature.  However it is possible with some clever wiring to trick the ECU into seeing your PTC sensors as NTC sensors.  Let me know if you want to go this way, it involves wiring an external resistor to the sensor...

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Oh shit, sorry, that should say "DECREASE" with temperature.  NTC resistance decreases with temperature, PTC increases with temperature.  Anyways, it does not help you!  Remember not to just interpolate as resistance change with temperature is not linear (ie resistance doesn't double with temperature).  Anyways, you cannot use these sensors with the G2/G3 ECU's.  For some reason I thought there was a way round it, but there is not...

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