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LINK 44S - a few questions?


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WRXLink has cam control for AVCS on all version 7-9 WRX/STI.   The years of each version may change depending on your country.  But yes it has a very precise cam position control system.  This can be configured and tuned, or just use the factory settings.

The WRXLink comes wirth Anti-lag, launch control and flat shifting as standard.

To run without the air flow meter, you will need to unplug the AFM (and remove it if you want) and wire an air temperature sensor to the AFM connector (instructions are provided).  If your engine has a factory fitted intake air temp sensor in the manifold (such as 03 c-spec) then this mod will not be required at all.

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I can 100% confirm that the WRXLink ECU has AVCS control (a very precise control in fact) for version 7 to 9 (post bug eye, but not V10).  Download the latest PCLink and have a look at the sample .pcl file.  This shows all AVCS control adjustments.  Our old 44S ecu did not have AVCS control.  This ECU is not just an advancement on the old ECU, it is a complete new ECU using a much more powerful processor and much more sophisticated software system.

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There are some discrepencies around that year as to what ECU was fitted.  The only way you will know if the WRXLink will fit your car will be to have a look at your ECU and check if it has the same header as the one in the WRXLink picture.  It will most likely have a large grey four row header.  In that case it will not fit.

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