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S14 Silvia questions.


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Im building a Silvia street / strip car, and was thinking about getting link engine management. it is a 1994 s14, with a 1999 s14 200sx blacktop engine. Since it will be used mainly for cruising / taking to the drag strip, it is still equipped with the 4 speed auto. my question is, will a link run the engine with the auto still attached?

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There is no direct provision in the ECU for auto transmission control.  In some cases auxiliary outputs could be used to switch solenoids or auto parts.  As I am unsure of how much of the transmission the factory ECU controls I cant really answer your question.  My recommendation would be to leave the factory ECU controlling the transmission and maybe som e other stuff and piggy back the Link ECU to give you full control of stuff like fuel, ignition and boost etc...  Best get a professional installer to fit the ECU.

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