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LinkPlus V14 won't crank when hot

Steve P

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I have a V4 STI motor in my RS powered by a Link V14, I chucked a rod a few weeks ago (not related to tuning), and have since replaced the shortblock with a EJ22T. So Ive got an extra 10% of displacement. The problem Im having is that whenever I use the clutch, the car dies. This is related to having a lightweight flywheel I know, but it was very rare before, now it happens pretty much every time. To make things far, far worse, when I try to restart it, it wont go. It sputters a little and thats it. Ive tried increasing the hot crank enrichment, but it only allows it to go up to 10. So basically, the car dies every time I stop and I have to wait for it to cool down a bit before I can restart it... makes things interesting in traffic. Any ideas?

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Try checking what is happening with the overrun fuel cut and increasing your throttle plate opening.  With a light flywheel you should have a faster idle speed.  You should get the faster idle speed by opening the throttle rather than expecting the ISC valve to catch it if you are having stalling trouble.  I dont really know why it is hard to start, there can only be two things.  Either it is rich and floods when it stalls or too lean when trying to start.  Have you checked for vacuum leaks?

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