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Does the Turbolink run standard injectors?


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Hi All, Well this is my first post however I've been a Turbolink user for a few years now with good success. I run the turbolink as a part of the Australian AVO turbo kit on an MX5. The AVO manifold has 4 extra injectors that are without doubt controlled by the TurboLink. The standard injectors are 230 cc/min and the extra 4 injectors are 370 cc/min. Now I'm looking at increasing the size of the standard MX5 injectors and the 4 extra injectors. I'm increasing the 4 extra injectors to 450 cc/min and the standards to 460 cc/min. My question is, does the Turbolink control the delivery rate of the standard injectors? Cheers Woo

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What you have will be a Turbo2Link.  It does the following:

  • Can delay ignition signals to cause timing retard
  • Has additional injector controller
  • Mapable fuel and ignition control
  • Tuned using a Link tuning Module

The Turbo2Link will only be controlling the secondary injectors.  The factory ECU will be controlling the primary injectors, so changing them will upset the running of the car off boost in a big way.  If you change the secondary injectors then you will need to re-tune the Turbo2Link.  My recommendation would be to change to a LEM G3 as that will allow full control of any size primary and secondary injectors, smooth injector staging and all sorts of other nice tuning features the Turbo2Link does not have (including anti-lag, launch control and flat shifting).

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