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Dan McIntyre

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I have purchased a link g3 and 2 of the two channel ignitors and plan to run direct spark ignition. Due to the exhaust manifold and plug position I cannot run a coil on plug set up. Could you recommend a cheap readily available option for coils I can use with leads. A couple of options would be good. If you need any info. please post and i will put it up. Regards, Dan

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People have used LS2 coils, but I think you need to make up special HT leads.  You can use normal round can type coils as used on distributed engines.  They are quite high energy but big and bulky.  I have seen quite a few cases where people have run up to 600hp on four cylinder engines using two dual post coils.  Our old Chevette runs about 450hp on a wasted spark.  The problem is that direct spark coils are designed to to be mounted on plugs and don't really have the appropriate terminals to connect an HT lead.  I dont know of any factory engines that ran direct spark and HT leads...

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