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MSD and HVC setup

Nigel D

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I have a plug in G4 in my GTI-R pulsar and im after some advice on setting up the ignition side of the tune. I have currently fitted a MSD 6a with a HVC-2 coil. Ive set the ignition mode as Distributor, A Falling Dwell Edge but im unsure what to set the Dwell Control and Ignition Delay at Any help will be much appricated

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Hi Nigel,

Dwell control values can sometimes be found from the manufacturer if using aftermarket coils, if not they can be found using an oscilloscope. As for explaining what Dwell Control and Ignition Delay mean, there's a great explanation in our help file. A really useful feature in PCLink is 'right clicking' and using 'What's This?' on items will take you straight to the help file option on that topic.


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