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GM Boost Controller Help Needed

chris briggs

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I recently bought a GM boost controller to use with my Storm ECU. I have the frequency set at 20 Hz and i am experiencing the opposite of the funtion that everyone says this controller should operate at. The higher i make the boost levels the lower it seems to go boost level. I have it hooked up silver outlet to boost pressure and plastic (non foam filter) exit to the wastegate. So I think i have it set correctly. I tested my boost pressure on my Subaru EJ20 with just a T in the middle with a valve off that T, and i can easily get to max boost of 20 psi so my turbo is working correctly without the controller. Is my Hz frequency too low and would this 20 Hz setting cause this? I was very safe at duty cycle of 40 and i got about 14 lbs boost. I increased it to 85 duty cycle and it seemed to stay there and actually go lower....no increase at all any help would be great, thanks!

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Check that the solenoid is connected in this manner

There will be 2 ports that are common with  no power connected to the solenoid  note which ones this is

then energize the solenoid  one of the ports will no longer be common this is the one that you connect to the boost source I.E. turbo outlet, the other one connects to the waste gate  the remaining port is vented

so when the solenoid is enegized the waste gate is vented to atmosphere

this is all presuming you are using an internal gate stil

if it is external then this wont work

also it has been a long time since i last used one of those solenoids so i could be wrong ,we mostly use oem or the link/mac specific solenoids




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