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96 Ford Probe V6

Gary Mounsey

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Long shot here i know , and more than likley i'll have this sorted tomorrow, but for interest and possibly incredible luck saving from someone at link.... Putting a Linkplus G1 into a 96 ford probe.... first off, theres stuff all info out there on them.... anything on the web i found was for a 94 model V6 Ok so trigger seemed to be all from dizzy and be hall effect... no probs.... But once into it, going off ecu pinouts i had off net, i realised i was only getting 1 channel from CAS working, and it was reluctor not hall.... So at that point i realised it must of had an actual crank sensor, and since there was no sync i scoped the dizzy to find a lovley sync pulse. (12:1 ratio to CAS ) I had to manually trace it back to ecu, and found it . Diagrams said "diagnostics" , so anyway, after that sorted, next dilema.... I now have reluctor and hall inputs...... So i soldered a reluctor and piggybacked a hall board onto. cut track on unused channel on reluctor board and all was sweet.... got car running no probs... Then the next dilemma............ the crank has 6 pulses per revoloution...... and therefore the link see's twice the RPM. And fires the ignitor twice as often.... And since the tacho is powered off the dizzy, based on the ignitor input .... tacho shows twice rpm... ARRRRGGGG Ok, so tomorrow im programming up a microcontroller to divide by two the CAS signal, with the division aligned to the SYNC pulse so as to be constant every time. Now i know this will work , but in the interest of saving abit of time, is there any other way in software to have the link work with 6pulses per crank rev ???? (V6 engine) Frustrated. Gary

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You basically have the same car as I do, I'm working on MX-6 V6 with custom turbo setup, fiddling my way out on Link+ installation. To clarify this to myself, was there actually something wrong with the distributor triggers on your car or is that general KL-engine based problem? I already have both my triggers wired from OEM disty triggers, but I haven't gotten to try and start the car yet since I have so much else to work on before that. (Custom IM, fuel rail/bigger injectors etc). What is your setup for ignition? I'm going for wasted spark with 3 MSD dual post coils. Let me know a bit more about your setup, I'm curious. Years ago when I got my Link+ there was basically no-one else that I knew who was using Link+ for KL engine car. Then came the big rush with Megasquirts and people have since moved on to them replacing that poor original ECU... As I'm sure you know. My e-mail is [email protected] if you would like to e-mail me. Cheers! Mici

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