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couple of noob questions

mark Chapman1436215423

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Hi, In megasquirt, I was able to set the system to closed loop in order to get a rough tune with my wideband. Am I able to do this on the Link LEM G3? Also - is there any comprehensive documentation available for the device - setup & tuning guides - I only see older stuff on the site here, and install manuals. That was the one (of very few!!) good things about MS - the sheer wealth of documentation available. Thanks

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The LEM G3 includes Closed Loop Lambda (CLL) that allows you to continuously correct fueling for economy and emissions while driving using wideband or narrow band sensors.

Documentation for all tuning functions is included with the PCLink download.  Open a base map up and right click on anything you want help with and select "Whats this".  Alternately press F1 to open help.  there is about 300 pages of tuning help included with PCLink.  wiring and installation manuals can be downloaded from the web site as you came across.

Download PCLink for HERE.

Without being too hard on the Megasquirt, if you have a good read up on the LEM G3 you will discover the benefits of a professionally designed and supported engine management system.

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You can run both at the same time, but there is no point in running a narrow band sensor as well as wideband.  A narrow band sensor provides no useful information on actual AFR.  It is perfect for detecting the stoich point as that was what they were designed to do.  Whatever sensor you use for CLL must be wired to An Volt 1.

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