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Bosch 1600cc Blue Top Problem

Incognito G

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Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the correct dead time for these injectors? I have used the Bosch 846 in the calibration table but idle is rough (even after tuning) and when revving the engine it doesn't run as smooth as the current MSD 65# its using. Would it be good to run a Walbro 255 HO in-tank and 2 Bosch External after the filter to increase flow through the system? At 10 Psi on a GT30R I am already at 50% DC on E85 which makes me require either a 1600cc injector, an upgrade fuel system or use the 1600cc as an auxillary injector. Your suggestions are well appreciated.

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atomisation may be poor at lower DC's with the 1600cc.. i always tune inj after the tune is complete by removing alt fuse and stabilising af's at idle with lag times as batt v decreases.. you can extrapolate the higher v from this curve semi accuratly.. seems like you have fuel delivery problems there..

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I guess I cannot go with the Bosch then. Do you think dual bosch external pumps coupled with one intank walbro can help increase flow? Do lag times also increase flow? I noticed that the lag times I used for the MSD in my Haltech could do 95% DC but when I switched to Link G4 the car would not run good after 80% DC. Lagtime in the Haltech was .4msec (injectors wired directly to ecu which can control low z injecctors) and in the Link it was .5msec (injectors wired with resistor packs)

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perhaps the inj crive is clipping?? what Z are your inj circuits??

is your pressure regulator referencing to boost properly??

whats your base pressure?

try not to fuss about the lag times too much at the minute...

you say doesnt run well after 80%dc. how do you mean? could be injection timing?



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