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Problems with LinkPlus control over EJ20TT IAC - Idle Control

Paul Moran

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My EJ20TT came with the following idle control: 22650AA131 A33-606R16 Unisia JECS.  This unit has:

 3 wire connectors

 2 screws that can be loosened to allow manual rotation of the entire IAC

A hose barb fitting

A one way valve on the engine side

The center connector appeared to be a ground, supplying voltage to one side decreased idle and the other

side increased idle - if I remember correctly - I could have the ground/voltage flipped.

Air flow control seems to be done by rotation of a "vane" inside the unit.

After hooking the LinkPlus idle control to the high idle side and the center connector to ground,

I could not get the LinkPlus to have any control over the idle of the engine.

Can the LinkPlus control this type of IAC?

Should it be set up as a stepper motor instead of pulse-width-modulation?

If the LinkPlus can't control this, I'd like to put a pulse-width-modulation solenoid between the hose barb

and the air cleaner, crank up the Unisia IAC to high idle by rotating it and use the secondary solenoid to

actually control the idle. Any recommendations on a standard part for this purpose?

Thanks, Paul...

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The valve should be wired as shown in the LinkPlus wiring manual.  Place 12V (from an ignition switched source) on the centre terminal and ground the two windings through the ECU.    It should be set up as ISC Solenoid, not t stepper.  If using a G2 ECU, then you will need to set up one drive as ISC Solenoid, and one as ISC Slave.  There should be no troubles getting this solenoid working with the LinkPlus.  All LinkPlus high power drives are ground switching.  You may also have to make sure you have ISC Open and ISC closed wired up around the correct way.  Sounds like you just about have it sorted.  Take the ground off the centre terminal and put +12V (switched) on it and you should be all go.

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