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identifying my link ecu, and a few other q's :)

Brendan D

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Hi have purchased a car recently and it has a link ecu, unsure of the model but is of a older generation it is a stand alome system not a piggyback. It might help to add its wired to a rb20det in a older 1982 skyline. The ecu has no serial number on the casing and i pulled the cover off and found no serial number on the inside. I also tried edit down on the hand controller but there is no response. It has a hand controller also, the menu is as follows; test rpm, cylinders, master fuel, rpm limit, map limit, adv limit, accel z, cold, volts, store, reload, zone fuel, zone ign, rowfuel, inj oxy, rpm switch, temp switch, lambda, row steps, edit z. I looked at some of the downloadable manuals looks similar to v3 link. Im looking to do a injector upgrade which are low impedance, the current ones are high impedance; do the link ecu's require ballast to be wired in? I live in melbourne can anyone recommend a workshop which are familiar with tuning older generation link ecu's? Any help identifying my ecu and answering some of my questions would be highly appeciated! Cheers Brendan

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Hi Brendan,

You can try pressing Adjust up or down when on the Test RPM screen. Otherwise take a photo of the board and we should be able to indentify it. If you do an injector upgrade you will need to use ballast resistors with low impedance injectors. As far as tuning goes, AVO would probably be most familiar with those older ECU's in Melbourne.


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