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LinkG4 map sensor upgrade - issues WHY!

martin battye

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i have recently pulled my Link Atom apart to upgrade the internal sensor to 400kpa..  (part number MPX4400AP) - that is the direct replacement and also i believe the Map sensor which the Vipec would use..

once installed the AN volt input has a drop down menu which allows me to select the Link4bar sensor..  Map sensor calibrate.. all good..


the range is correct working and accurate...


save .


restart ECU.. the calibration has switched back to 2.5bar..  why???


if im brave enough or stupid enough to open my unit invalidate the warrenty and fit myself an different sensor should i surely be able to reap the benefits..

why does the drop down menu even operate in the internal map settings if you are not allowed to change the sensor.??


i imagine this is also the save issue on all the other products. (plugin storm)





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Hi Martin,

This is not a mistake or bug.  The ECU has been coded to intentionally force the setting to 2.5 bar.  This is because those ECUs were only ever sold as a 2.5 Bar option.  Forcing it prevents people attempting to or accidentally selecting 4 Bar and thinking the sensor will read up to 4 Bar. If you need a 4 Bar ECU then you can purchase an external map sensor and wire it  in.


Ashley Duncan

Engineer - Link ElectroSystems

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i have tps and closed loop wideband. I don't have a spare input. This would be a very very useful feature. there's so many stupid political rules that go along with these ecu's because of the Vipec stuff. For example. No closed loop boost on the atom ? Why on earth not? As if its going to stop people buying storm units.

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This is not a Link/Vipec thing at all.  The Atom is a Link only product.  The limitation of features and the numbers of inputs is intentional to make the higher level ECUs more attractive.  The Atom was designed for simple applications requiring minimal inputs and functionality.  It sounds like you need more advanced functionality than the Atom offers.

I don't know how to word this more tactfully but I don't think you should not expect to buy the cheapest version of a product range and have all the features of the more expensive variants.  I am sorry that you can not achieve the exact configuration that you want.  Have you considered upgrading to a Storm or Xtreme ECU?

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