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Car wont start

Brendon R

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Hello I have a link (not sure what model)that i recently got upgraded to pc software, it is running on a 4agze turbo setup, i recently replaced the turbo (the car has been sitting for 3 months)and it wont start it turns over but it doesnt seem to be getting any fuel or spark the fuel pump works and it is getng 2 positive feeds to each injector, it will spark once as i turn on the ignition but when it turns over there is no spark at all. I had an auto sparky out today and he thinks it could be the link itself, the only thing i done different was i took the plugs of the coils to turn the engine over to make sure there was oil coming out the feed. and i noticed 1 of the earths startd to smoke Any help will be much appreciated

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Uh oh ... not sure what has caused this problem!!!  You seem to have two issues, one is why did the smoke come out, the other is has the ECU been damaged?  You will need to get the auto-sparky to check/repair the wiring.  You can send the ECU back to get tested.  The important thing is to work out what happened to make sure that it doesn't happen again after the ECU is repaired (if it is broken).  It is very unlikely that the ECU has damaged the wiring, more likely the opposite!

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