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Strange aux problem....


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I have installed two electric fans, they are wired so that aux 4 grounds the relay. Aux 4 is set up so that the fans starts at 98 degrees, but when the fans starts also my idle goes full rich Why??? Its like this idles with AFR 14 approx, then it reaches 98 degrees fans starts, then idle AFR goes to 10..... I even tried to disconnect the fans....but didnt help, when aux 4 grounds the realay it goes rich. Should I use a different aux maybe?? //Tom

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Guest Dave

I think you will find that the main problem you have is that there is a trim of 1ms been applied when the engine fan comes on you can adjust this under idle load trims this will not be active when you select fan high speed.

also you have the engine fan setup a bit odd this might be because you where testing?

engine on temp should be the temperature you want the fan to come on at E.G. 92 deg

off hystresis is the temp difference for the fan to turn off at   if you put 2 deg here then the fan will turn off when the engine temp is 2 degrees less than the on temp so with an on of 92 deg and a hystesis of 2 deg then the fan will turn off at 90 degrees this prevents the fan coming on and of to much 

also have a look at your warm up table as it is a little bit back wards you normally have more correction at low throttle opening and less as the throttle reaches 100%



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