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Sometimes Link is a bit slow (E-Throttle)


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First of all you Link people could remove this post but I'm doing this for you. Thing is. Link is offering these great standalone ECU's but the commercial part is running a bit behind. One of my last, and later removed, posts on this forum was because of that. I have been using Linkplus G2 and G3 ECU's for some time now and I can only say the Link ECU's are great. Also purchased a Link G4 Xtreme and hope it will be even better. Then there's the other side of Link namely Vi-Pec. I don't know how these two are tied in and how 'discussable' the brand name on this forum is but I guess we can say those ECU's are also great. The one thing where this brand does better is in the support department. Ray does a lot for the brand. A thing I'm missing abit on this forum. Often it takes time before Link people jump in and offer support. Many times we see end users helping each other out which by itself is a great thing but I think many users would like to see a bit more commitment from the Link people. My removed post was about incomplete information stated as being misleading information. In some countries this can be a big deal. I know Link didn't do anything on purpose and the changes to the ECU were probably made with a bigger future plan in mind but the fact remained. The post was about the Link G4 Xtreme v1, the silver housing version. This ECU was advertised as having E-Throttle capability but suddenly there was a Red anodized housing version, best called the v2, which omitted this capability. At the time no information could be found on the Link site. I ordered the G4 through a NZ reseller/tuner and although I received the best service this E-Throttle 'issue' only came up in a very late stage of the ordering process. I don't hold the reseller responsible. Basically I also do not hold Link responsible but I do want to vent what has been bothering me for some time namely that Link is running a bit behind in this area. I don't know which business model Link wants to pursue. More or less local AU and NZ or world wide? Using a reseller network or also centralized NZ sales? Over exposing and presenting products better than they really are isn't a good thing. The thing I like about Link is that they present their products in a very down to earth way, even a bit shy in admitting they offer a great product. I'm not asking to change this attitude but I do want to ask to please keep the information up to date. I have noticed that NZ has the highest concentration of Link resellers and tuners per square centimeter. World wide basically has non. Information is hard to find and we have to rely on the information as published on the Link website. The latest and greatest offerings arrive late on our side of the globe while the World Wide Web only takes a couple of milliseconds. Reason for this rant is that today one part of the 'bigger future plan' has arrived, The Link E-Throttle Module option for Link G4 Xtreme v2 (Red). But I guess you guys knew this already.


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Thank you for this valuable feed-back, it is appreciated.

I am taking this information to next weeks Marketing meeting so that we can chew it over.

My immediate response is that your observations are valid and fair.

Until next week


CEO - Link ElectroSystems Ltd.

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