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WRX Link G4 Datalogging

Jody Arnott

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Hey all, just wondering if someone could tell me how to set up data logging on the WRXLink G4? In the help file it says to turn the datalogging setting on, but i've spent a while looking and I can't find it. I've also tried to use the other datalogging feature (where the data gets saved to the laptop) but whenever I try to play the file back it says the file is corrupt... Any info on either of these two datalogging method would be appreciated. I'm using the latest firmware and latest PCLink program on Windows XP. Cheers.

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Hmm interesting. I might try to play back that file without a map loaded and see how it goes. So the current version of PCLink doesn't have the onboard datalogging options? No wonder I couldn't find any. Anyone have any idea why that is? I have a trackday to attend tomorrow and i'd love to be able to turn the datalogging on.

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