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edelbrock boost link issues..

renato calimquim

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ok i got the edelbrock 1500 installed on my 97'civic ex now i noticed that the piggyback system adjusted my vtec to kick in at 6,5k instead of 4,5k-5k is that happening to every1? also i only get 5lbs of boost til vtec kicks in at 6,5 then i get 7lbs., but my stock ecu rev limiter kicks in at 7,2k so you really cant push it. does it kick in differently for any1 else with the piggyback system? a guy from edelbrock referred me to your website, since they used ur product with the kit, is there anyway to adjust it? any addtional info would help.

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That system is tunable if you remove the lid and plug a Link tuning module into the back of it.  You will be able to change the switch point of your VTEC solenoid once in there.   Assuming no one has been in there and played, that controller will have a TurboLink base setup in it so if it switches at 6500 that will have been what they asked for.  Anyways, the product is called a TurboLink.  You can download the manual for tuning it from this website.

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