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isc idle valve on 3sgte using lem g3

Simon Cross

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hi, i've got a g3 ecu in my mr2 turbo when trying to adjust the idle there is no change from the engine idle. i've got channels aux 1 and aux 2 wired for the idle control open and close respectively. with the Hz at 20 for open and 50 for close. Is this right? the valve clicks like mad when plugged in. i've checked the wiring and the valve itself which are fine. is there anything i've missed? is there any other configuration required? any help appreciated. cheers

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You have your ISC setup incorrectly.  First test your wiring.  Aux 1 should be wired to ISC Close and Aux 2 to ISC open.  Turn both drives to 'not selected' .  With the engine running set Aux 1 to 'Test On'.  the engine should slow down and probably stall.  Set Aux 1 back to 'Not Selected'.  do the same with Aux 2.  When on 'Test on'  the engine should rev higher.  Set Aux 1 as ISC slave and Aux 2 as ISC Solenoid.  Set the frequency for Aux 2 at 200Hz (VERY IMPORTANT).  there will be no frequency option for Aux 1.  At 200 Hz you won't hear the clicking.

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