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Daniel Bailey

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This may seem like a simple and silly thing, and ideally we wouldn't do typos, but that kind of thing CAN happen and it can be a pain if you lose a bunch of useful stuff you have done due to a poorly placed finger.  Is there any plan to or possibility of the introduction of an map change undo?  Even if it is just undoing only the last change?   It seems like a simple change that would make tuning with the PCLink software a fair bit nicer in those human moments



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Hi Dan,

I know I would like this function myself. We do have a few options around this.

1. Entering a number in a table isn't there until you press enter, so if you've typed the wring number, just press escape to cancel.

2. Store often, then if you make a mistake you can goto Options - Undo short term changes

3. If you use the Q button to increase a cell, the A button will decrease it the same amount.

That said I will add it to the list.

- Cameron

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