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AUX out switchable on GP Pressure

Gary Mounsey

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Aux out currently has alot of options which are great, however it would be nice to add GP Pressure and GP Volts from the analogue menu as well Ie , being able to switch on a warning LED when pressure is too low etc ,. Currently if we setup a voltage input , be it from a pressure sensor or something else, all we can do is log it.... would be nice to be able to actually switch something when a certain value is reached etc Also in the same guise, being able to change limits based on analogue inputs.... ie rpm limit reduction if something is getting to hot etc etc . Gary Mounsey Townsville QLD

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The reason is that they are a G2 and that is a G3 feature.  Also, the ignition outputs on the G2 are not designed to drive loads other than igniters.  Not all G3 features apply back to G2...  There are a few features that only apply to G3 ECU's and I imagine the same will happen with the next generation of ECU's...

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Hi, on this subject, I see MAF listed as well as MAP in the load axis selections for GP PWM outputs. Would it be possible to wire in a sensor with a 0-5v output into the MAF input and use this for controlling an output, and if so, where would you wire it in on a link plus g3? I dont see it on the diagrams (load input 2). Thanks, Tom.

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