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Old Honda Cam sensor signals

Justin Wells

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Hi there.

Ive got a G1 v3 link lying around that im keen on fitting to my little honda city turbo (83 turbo 1), im almost 100% sure it will work by batch firing all injectors including the 5th CVCC injector (if youve ever seen one you will know what i mean)

but anyway, converting it to a wasted spark setup with a two channel ignitor and dual post coils would suit me as i could then get rid of the distributor correct?

But if i understand it correctly it would hinge on the output of the cam angle sensor, any idea if they would be ok for this?

Is there an easy way to check?



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Unfortuneately I have no idea what signals the honda city crank angle sensor outputs.  If it is distributed then chances are it will just be a four tooth reluctor.  To run wasted spark you will need a cylinder pulse and some sort of synchronisation signal.  Also your ECU will need the correct trigger decoding sub board for the chosen trigger arrangement.  As far as that fifth injector goes, I don really know much about it.  Is it a cold start injector?  If it is a large secondary injector, then you may be better to run staged injection to avoid a poor idle due to too much fuel flow through 5 injectors into a little motor...  Contact [email protected] for more help on getting a working trigger setup, but otherwirse there is no reason why your V3 will not do what you need...

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A sync signal would usually be a pulse that occurs once per two crank revolutions (or once per cam revolution).  So are you saying you have four teeth and also a single tooth?  If so, then you have enough triggering there for wasted or direct sprk ignition.  You will need a standard reluctor sub board.  Talk to [email protected] about the upgrade and sub boards.

Oh yeah, I have seen that CVCC stuff on old preludes...  Not sure how you will get on tuning that, will be interesting.

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