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Make few changes now car wont start (long story better detail inside)

Scott Johnson

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So start with my car ma70 supra running a 7mgte and a link g4 storm ecu link 3 channel ignitor has been tuned and running mint for 2 years.

Now going to retune on E85 so in prep

1st change went from 1 walbro to 2 (only one is currently wired in) they go to a y piece -8 line to the rail. (first change was previously stock fuel lines)

2nd change went from small sard FPR to aeromotive a1000

3rd change during fitting the fuel line i broke my coil pack plug long story short colours didn't match up did my best guess as to what it was when I put a new plug on fired it up and idled fine but was rough reving.

So I presumed I got the coil order wrong and it just got worse from there tried every different combo and was either no better or most cases worse.

THEN dropped the plug with exposed wires and shorted it. At this stage got someone around for a second opinion went thought the manual to make sure all the wires were in correctly (they now are) replaced the fuse that blew in the relay and no start.

It has fuel can definatly smell that and check it has spark too.

Not too sure where to look next only things 'messed around with' between running and not were 

Fuel tank add extra pump(not wired)

change to bigger fuel lines 

Remove fuel rail then put back on

Break coil plug and spend many frustration hours chasing tail

Could I have cooked something in the ecu but yet still have spark, fuel and my display dash work?

I cant even get it to run poorly now

Any help appreciated also any futher info required that may help diagnose ask away

Cheers Scott

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