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PC tunable?

Niket Nathani

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Hello Ashley, I purchased a turbocharger kit from Edelbrock corporation for my 1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe (part #1500). Do you know (or know who can tell me) if the LEM modules you supplied to them are tunable with a PC? I'm pretty sure the handheld device works though. Also, do you know any distributors in the U.S that might have either of these? Thanks.

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They would of definitely have been compatible with the tuning module, but the tech whos knows about them is away today, so I cant actually tell you if they are PC tuneable to be honest.  Contact performance developments in california, their details are on the dealers page of this web site.  I think the units were called TurboLinks.  Edelbrok shafted us on those and most of them were converted to FuelLink's.  Perhaps the better option is to use a Plug-In replacement ECU???  Contact Neil at Performance Developments for more help.

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