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Porsche 964 ECU help

Andre M.

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Dear all,

I am rather new to the ECU game and have not directly worked or wired an ECU myself. Most of my friends are running LINK ECUs on their Skylines and I had planned to do the same, until I sold the car.

I am working on the engine for my Porsche 964, which is being built to be turbocharged.

Here comes the problem. I have not the slightest clue as to what additional parts I need to wire in the ECU, as everyone seems to use other ECUs, neither have i done it. When ordering I would simply like to have everything that is necessary, that I cannot supply locally here.

Engine info:

3.6l with twin-plug, which I'd like to convert to coilpacks. What options do I have here, that Link can offer?

EGT, AFR, Flex-fuel E85, MAP and all the good stuff anyways!

Quite honestly I don't know what else I need to ask or check.

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Hi Andre,

You will require a fully optioned LINKG4 + XTREME.

This will give you all the options etc that will give you enough scope to carry out such a project.

I am not that familiar with Porsche , however I would imagine that the engine being 3.6 litres would be a 6 cylinder.

So if you wish to run dual coil packs I would suggest LS1 COILS, they will produce very good spark up to around 18 to 20 psi.

They have internal ignitors so they can be wired directly to the ecu in wasted spark format for triggering and are very well priced.

Is this engine already fuel injected.

If so you can retain your standard input sensors ,like throttle position, coolant temp, air temp etc as the G4+ XTREME can use pretty much any sensor and be calibrated for it.

You will be able to use a FLEX FUEL SENSOR no problems.

You will also be able to run EGT's, but will require an amplifier, the pyros can not be wired directly to the ecu.

Same for a AFR/LAMBDA input the use of an external controller must be used.

What sort of trigger mechanisms does the engine have.

Do the crank and cam positions come from dual sensors in the distributor/s or does the engine have a crank angle sensor and cam position sensor.



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Hi ,

sorry I forgot to mention if the engine does not already have a map sensor capable of handling the boost pressure you wish to run, then you will need to purchase n external map sensor also, the G4+ XTREME does not have an internal map sensor.



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Dear Dave

thank you very much for your information. That does help quite a bit and I was not too far off. I will have to switch to a MAP sensor.

I am not sure though, how it is triggered. I do not think so. It is difficult to tell, because you literally do not see anything in the engine bay. I will have to do some research on this.

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