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Link Plus on Subaru 3.3 SVX idle speed control

Sam Holt

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I have a link plus and am trying to use the factory ISC. It is the 3 wire solonoid. I was not using the ISC before and motor ran good but surged at idle and low rpm cruise. I used throttle plates to achieve idle. I hooked up the wires to the factory ISC. Now the throttle plates are full closed and the idle is around 1600 RPM. The ISC is open at cold. It dose not seem to change idle when I adjust duty cycle. Is this soloniod not compatible with link or am i doing something wrong.I checked the wiring and the solonoid opens and closes with 12v. (open,12v,close)ie.3 pin.

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Hi Sam,

First you'll need to make sure you've wired it up as per the manual http://www.linkecu.com/support/dlandswupdates/Downloads/discontinuedmanuals/linkplusv14manual/at_download/file with ISC1 connected to the open wire and ISC2 to the close. Then run through the solenoid setup procedure on page 100.

One test you can do to check your plumbing is correct is to manually ground the close wire (with the open wire disconnected) while idling. This should make your car stall, if it doesn't then you've got air coming in somewhere else (past the butterfly etc).


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