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need help with cam angle sensor

Broc Nelson

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ok so i have a 2006 2.5t motor that i am having problems with geting a signal from the cam sensors. i was wondering if you could help me to make sure that i have the sensors wired corectly. the triger wire that came with your wire in ecu has 2 wires that are shelded one is signal and one sig ground. and i have 2 cam sensors that are wired in to that one set of wires. they are optical hall sensors. is this right?

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Firstly I need a few more details about the engine... is a 2006 2.5t a Subaru 2.5L non turbo engine? 

You should wire one sensor to each sheilded cable.  Never wire both sensors to one sheilded cable.  One wire in the cable is the signal, the other is signal ground and the sheild should never be connected to anything at the sensor end.

If the engine has reluctor sensors then they will most likely have two terminals (although a few have three terminals).  If it has optical or hall sensors they will have three terminals.  If you are wiring reluctor sensors, then polarity is essential and must be wired correctly.  There is a document in the support section of this website on reluctor polarity.  Connect the signal wire to one terminal and ground to the other.  For hall sensors, then the pinout must be correct.  Wiring them incorrectly could blow them up!  You will need to wire a power supply, signal and signal ground to the correct terminals...

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