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link injector drive

Peter Ratcliffe

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What ECU are you using?  Basically connect as follows:

LinkPlus G2:  Wire Injector 1 to drive 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3 etc...

LEM G3, LEM V3,V4,V5:  Pair injectors 1 and 4 on Inj1 driver, pair injectors 2 an3 on Inj2 driver

LinkPlus V10, V14:  Read instructions carefully, depends on injection mode and triggering arrangement

In most installs +12V (switched through a relay) is applied to one side of all injectors and the other side of the injector is grounded through the ECU.  If low impedance (less than 6 ohms) is used ballast resistors must be fitted.  The resistor value is dependant on the number of grouped injectors and injector impedance.

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