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Running two sets of injectors RB30DET


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Hi I'd like to know if it's possible to run two sets of 6 injectors off a standard or GTSLink ECU. For my RB30DET project rather than buying one set of large injectors i'm looking to run two sets of 370cc injectors. I'm looking into this because i have two sets already and am fabricating my own intake manifold and fuel rails.

My main concern is the current that the extra injectors would draw. It would be double that of one set of injectors. Would this be a problem for an ECU?

I see you have an extra injector controller unit, PowerLink, can you confirm the price of this as I can't find a price on the website.

Thanks, Nigel.

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The GTSLink could run two high impedance injectors (greater than 10 ohms) off each injector drive.   It has six drives.  The PowerLink would be another option, at least you could then stage you injectors.  Contact [email protected] for an exact price.  The best option would be to fit an LEM G3, then you could do proper staged injection off one ECU and get much better tuneability than you ever will from the GTSLink.

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