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water injection

stewart battersby

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Just reading up about water injection and noticed the G3 can control nitrous or water injection. What section does this? I want to spray a mist into the air filter assembly or the inlet tube prior to the supercharger and intend to do so under cruise and high pressure and temp areas. By the way I had a situation on the G 3 under crank where the engine would prop while cranking, which eventually blew the starter. What was happening was the minimum trigger volts for my reluctor ignition were too low and the EMF from the starter and ignition leads, while the engine was running, was generating a false reading. The indicator for this was picked up on the running graphs as a volt spike and a very high, ie. 56040 rpm. I now run a 1.5 min with 3 volt at 1000rpm which stops the engine fan spiking the G3 at idle.I went up in 0.5 volt increments from 1000 rpm waiting for the telltale spike in engine revs. You would be surprised at the little bumps and misfires that are generated by this low volt trigger setting.

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Water/Nitrous injection is typically done using GP Auxiliary Output.  You will set the conditions under which you want the pump spray to operate.

Those trigger problems are a wiring fault.  It is also the reason why the ability is there to adjust the arming voltages.   Arming voltages will be different for every engine.  Filter level is also provided to avoid false triggering.  To correctly setup trigger arming voltages an oscilloscope is required to measure actual signal voltages.  Arming voltage is then set to about 2/3 -3/4 of actual signal voltage.  If you are getting spikes from starter and fans I suggest you check your wiring, particularly the signal ground and power ground separation.  Also, you cannot run sensitive wiring (triggers, sensors) past noisy wiring (starter cable, ignition primary wires)...

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