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PCLink compatable with Winds98?


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Hi, I have been having issues trying to setup PClink to connect to my G3 LEM. After installing both V3.30 software and Drivers on P.C, PCLink still wont connect, and for some reason cant locate the drivers. I have followed the install instructions word for word and after getting the "installed successfully" icon after clicking on the driver "preinstaller" icon, it still doesnt want to know. I have not connected the link to my PC before installing the Drivers at all, and the usb cable is brand new. I have tryed this on two seperate pcs running 98 and 98/SE, the usb port is fine as have checked with a digital camera. A freind lent me his laptop running XP and the process was alot easier and it connected up easy with no problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled software and drivers over and over, have also tryed the earlier V3.29 software with still no luck. Is there something Im missing here or does this software not work with anything prior to WindowsXP?? thanks in advance

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PCLink works fine with all versions of Windows.  The drivers distributed with PCLink 3.30 and later are for XP and Vista.  They are no longer suitable for Windows 98.  PCLink V3.29 is still available for download and has the older drivers that suit Windows 98.  Here is what I think you will have to do:

  1. Uninstall all versions of PCLink (delete PCLink3 folder on C drive) and associated USB drivers (using the device manager).
  2. Install PCLink V3.29.  That will install Windows 98 drivers.
  3. Plug in your USB cable and use the device manager to update the drivers.  Eventually you will see an item called "Link ECU USB (Com X)" appear in the list under Com ports.  X is the com port number it has been assigned.  Once that is in the device manager list (without a warning sign beside it), then the drivers are correctly installed.
  4. If your firmware is newer than V1.36 then you will need to update PCLink.  Install the latest PCLink.  When it asks you to install the USB drivers, select No.  That will stop it installing the XP/Vista drivers.
  5. Connect to the ECU using PCLink and start tuning...

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Hi Ashley, Thanks very much for the reply, I now have PCLink all up and running, much appreciated!. I was wondering if I can ask one more question if I may. The help file that pops up when you right click on the text etc on PCLink, It seems to be full of weird text, triangles, smiley faces etc??. I know its not supposed to be like this as I have opened it up on XP with no problems. I have tried the help,font icons etc but with no joy. Any ideas what can be causing this? Once again thanks for the help so far. Edyn

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