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link g4 p&p v4 wrx trigger errors

pawan jupiter

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hey guys i got a link g4 p&p plugged it in and setup all the sensors as the manual said. i used the map sensor option of a v7/8 option since it was the closest to the barometric sensor reading since the v3/4 option was way off to about 78kpa where the barometric read 101kpa .  the car would not start but the car cranked over at a good speed.  when going through the software and looking at the trigger status it said no trigger 1 signal ,trigger 2 signal, no eccs signal and the trigger 1 error count was 65.  the trigger 1 arming voltage was 0.50v and trigger 2 was 0.48. the rpm limit data was 5000 and the map limit was 180 kpa.


any ideas to how i rectify this error and get my car running haha.

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I had the same problem in my MY97GT. Have you checked, that the crank trigger is trigger 1 and the cam sensor trigger 2 is?

That was the mainproblem in my car. The 2nd was the Trigger position. The best reason is to control the TDC mark with a timing light. On my Engine the Camwheel trigger is 180° offset



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