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ca18det spark options

Benjamin Julian

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I have a ca18det in my datson 1200 and ive got the link wired up and all. Just with the spark part i go to the igniter and i get less power coming out then going in because i get no spark at all the charge is so low. and yes there is 5 volts going in which is required. so its broken i got told. So was wondering is it possible to set up some sort of sparking system with out an igniter on my ca18 run off my link. Cause im finding it real hard to get another igniter. Thanks for your time.

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I was running an igniter. The standard ca18det factory one. And i still have no spark? Im lost. Thanks for your help though by the way. Also why is it when i plug my link into the computer to tune it i dont have alot of options it says i do in the link tuning manual. For instace on the lemv5 tuning module menu under ignition heading i can only see on the computer screen the option zone ignition i think it ws. I cant seem to find the other options like dwell etc. Its the same for other options to. I can only view a few options and can hardly edit anything. Am i missing something there that will stop the spark. Thanks

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