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Help from Rb26/30 Owners

Mike Wilcox

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I am running a new Rb26/30 det, with a stock RB26 head.  However, whilst we have some idle issues due to a wandering TPS signal and IAC problem, the engine still runs very rich all the way through the tune.  

Anyone out there running a similar base setup that can share there pcl file, so that I can compare settings.

The rest of the setup is :

SARD 800cc injectors, GT3582 running at a mild 10PSI

I have attached the current setup  - if anyone can help or lend some advice

Thanks in advance


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from my experience it has shown that the 4d fuel map would end up usually only containing negative numbers.. and esp at WOT there would be no trim at all.. dependant on the boost characteristics of the turbo there will be a point where tps fuel trim will be unused. e.g 55% throttle.? your fuel map is a little odd looking also.. go try tune WOT then start to work back thro the part throttle cross oversites where you see an over rich situation and trim from tps map. the tps map usually would end up very smooth

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