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Staging Injectors LinkPlus G3


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How exactly should the settings for staged injection be if I have 8 injectors of the same size and I have tuned the engine with 4 injectors and don't want to change the values in the fuel map when using all 8 of the injectors. As we understood Sec/pri ratio should be 1 as all injectors are the same size and then in the staged injection table we set 50%. But this didn't work. In the end after trying all kind of different settings we had to change the fuel map to get the fuel right because it always wanted to go richer when the secondary stage was activated. Would be nice to get some help.

Another question: I am now going to run 12 1680cc low impedance injectors (methanol fuel), 4 on the primary and 8 on the secondary stage. How should I wire them?

And I would also very much like to know when the firmware update for onboard logging is coming for the LinkPlus G3?

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On board logging is available for the G3 if the firmware is updated to G4  this is a dealer only option though or it will need to be returned to link them selves


as for the staged injection it should of run the same mixtures  but this depends on injector placement and deadtimes as well as fuel pressure also suddenly switching the secondary injectors form 0 to 50% is not recommended they should be bought on more smoothly


As for the new 12 injectors what engine is this on and where will they be placed in the runners



David Heerdegen

[email protected]


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Great! I have talked to my dealer and will send the box for upgrading. 

I will check the settings for the injectors and get back to you.


The engine is a 4 cylinder volvo 16v, the injectors will be placed on the upper side of the runners, a row with 4 injectors closest to the head and a second row with 8 injectors behind the first row.

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