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IAT location???

Brett Whinnen

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I'm about to get around to mounting the IAT sensor this weekend / next week. However I have a quandary on the location... I run a 1999 WRX with a front mount (silicon hoses). I know the recommended spot is just before the TB, however I also run water injection, this is mounted about 60cm in front of the TB up the pipework, so there will be water present as MAP and TPS rise. So should I still mount the IAT in that spot, or prior to the water injection. Not too sure on what the water will do to the sensor reading over time, ie with water present it will potentially read lower, but if there is still water present on the sensor and no injection happening it may be misleading. Or am I worrying about nothing! Thanks Brett

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Hi Brett,

You're pretty much worrying about nothing. Your water (and methanol mix as most people run) injection should squirt at such high pressure that the shot should be atomised enough not to collect on the IAT, and even if it did you're blowing enough air past it to dry it. As you are using the water injection to cool the charge, then you want the IAT measuring this new temp, and not the air before the water inj.


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