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knock box

jayson poyser

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Definietly not!  You can not map/tune an engine by detonation...  You would use this device as a tuning tool to detect detonation should you give an engine too much timing for a particular load.  It is not recommended to tune an engine by reaching detonation then backing the timing off.  Note that maximum power is not usually made where the ignition advance is set just before the point detonation occurs (contrary to popular belief).  Uses the KnockBlock as a tuning aid to detect detonation if it is occurring due to incorrect tuning numbers, not as the sole device to map an engine.

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To tune ignition, you will use experience to come up with a sensible set of numbers, then run the vehicle on the dyno using the KnockBlock to make sure that detonation is not occurring.  Ignition will then be advanced or retarded and the effect on torque/power measured on the dyno.  Best ignition is generally the most advance that causes torque to stop increasing, not the amount of ignition just before detonation occurrs (put over simply!).  KnockBlock has three frequency settings to allow it to be adjusted for different sensors and engines.  It can be used on an engine with any number of pots and can use one or two sensors.  Good to log 0-5V on the dyno along with the other plots.

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