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'89 RX7 imported from Japan need some help

Justin House

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Hey just wondering if anyone knows what the best ECU upgrade for an 89 RX7 thats been imported from Japan ive been told by some people that i need to buy parts for a 93 if i order them from Here (Canada) or the U.S. The reason im changing out the ECU and pretty much everything to do with my fueling system is the car does not idle properly and seems to be flooding itself with to much fuel and then it chokes out. Enigine 1.3L Rotary single turbo mostly stock except for air intake and exhaust

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The LEM G3 would be a good choice of ECU for you.  It has options for staged injection and three or four coil engines.  contact [email protected] for pricing, [email protected] for more info about rotaries.  Another option is to contact NZEFI (google them).  They are a Link dealer and are run by a guy that is reasonably knowledageable about rotaries of all years.  He was also involved in the development of the G3 roatry software... 

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