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hi, im wanting a ecu for my rally car, for tunablility, aniti-lag, luanch controll, boost controll ect. iv been looking at the linkplus becouse the LEM does not offer the motorsport extras, iv just read that with the LEM G3 you are able to download the motorsport extras now.. is this true? and would u recomend the LEM G3 for rally/race cars or not. also i have just read on your web site about the EVOlink G2 offering the motorsport featurs, does the EVOlink have the same features as the linkplus, or is the linkplus still superior. thanks

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Ok... the LEM is shipping with launch control and flat shifting.  At this stage anti-lag is disabled.  Anti-lag will be released in the LEM in the next firmware update.  This will be group A antilag.  Group N antilag will only be available in higher model ECU's.  The EVOLink G2 has completely sold out and has been replaced with the EVOLink G3.  The EVOLink G3 is almost identical spec wise to the WRXLink G3 and will be shipping in about a month (we are awaiting arrival of stock).  This is a plug in ECU for EVO 1-8.  There is no reason not to use the LEM in you race car as long as it meets your requirements spec wise...

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