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Master Fuel (ms) - Master Fuel Trim


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In every other ecu that has the support of base maps the setting of the injectors was a very simple and straight forward procedure . Let say that you allready changed the ms vs BatVolt then the Fuel trim is : ( Old injectors CC / New injectors CC ) * 100 = Fuel trim e.g ( 370 cc / 740 cc ) * 100 = 50 Fuel trim. (For a base map with 370cc fuel settings ) How can we translated the above example in 'link Ecu' terms ? Are the base maps provided made with the stock injectors in mind ? * If yes how do i calculate the new Master Fuel ms ? And the new Master Fuel trim feature does have anything to do with the Fuel trim that any other Ecu use ? The example in the Link help file made the things even more complicated for me ;/ * If yes then why the base map of the Silvia s14 ( 370 cc stock injectors ) is the same with the base map of the Silvia s15 ( 480 cc stock injectors ) ? Thank you very much

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you are correct in your logic  in your example you would use a master number 50% less than the original this is all good in theory but you  will find it easier to adjust it to suit as a rough correction then adjust the rows as well as most injectors are not exactly linear in response especially if your new injectors are a different type eg. bosch vs denso injectors

the master percent trim is designed to allow for finer resolution and adjustment to suit you can use it to do a 50% change  but that is the same as halving the master number anyway so defeats the purpose



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